The Client

Back in 2000, Steve Sorensen took a simple piece of wire and formed the original BlenderBall® wire whisk. Always entrepreneurial, he and his wife Kim saw beyond the simple ball and recognized its potential to completely change the way supplements are mixed and consumed. Together, they founded the BlenderBottle Company, and worked to build it into a global fitness icon. What started as a home-based business quickly became an international empire.

The Problem

BlenderBottle’s team of in-house designers and developers were at full capacity working on other projects. They were stretched thin and didn’t have any resources left to quickly and effectively design and develop a HubSpot blog — which they wanted done in one week.

Their main goal: To develop a HubSpot blog whose design and functionality was seamlessly integrated with the main site. They wanted clear calls-to-action and an intuitive interface that not only boosted engagement, but also encouraged viewers to stay awhile and read related topics. And, they wanted it done yesterday.

What We Did

We quickly rallied and pulled our top HubSpot developer into the conversation. The design featured a large, eye-catching hero image with all blogs laid out in a grid with titles and a snippet of text to entice the reader to click on it for further reading. The blog landing page was further sectioned out by category so that users would be able to peruse related content at their leisure. And, the best part: The design was created and approved in a single day (nailed it!).

Development was done in three days and we made each of those days count by ensuring all the forms were integrated into HubSpot and the proper contact properties were being mapped in. We didn’t want to lose a single newsletter sign up as the blog was a solid source of lead capture for BlenderBottle! The full blog design template was cut into HubSpot by our development team over the course of 3 days and QA plus edits were done on the same day. We delivered the blog two days ahead of schedule. Not only was it mobile-friendly and fully integrated with HubSpot so that their marketing team could get to work right away, it was also fast, responsive, and had all the technical SEO best practices applied to it. Needless to say, the new blog was now running like a dream.

The Outcome

In just five days, we were able to deliver a fully-functioning and beautiful HubSpot blog with sleek calls-to-action and form integration for lead capture. The site mirrored BlenderBottle’s no-fuss, straight goods design ethos and empowered the organization to continue its working in delivering products that supported and inspired hardcore athletes and weekend warriors in their quest for health and wellness.

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