The Fancy Pants Package

Sometimes you just want to order off the menu because you need a customized web and marketing solution that only we can deliver on.


Lemme Guess

…You Got Problems


You want a site with all the bells and whistles…but, you have no idea what you want it to look like or how you want it to function. You just know you want an online experience with a serious wow factor.


You want to build an online course empire, sell digital products, or offer your clients an online portal to access all their purchases in one central place.


You want to launch a massive ecommerce site and need a PPC campaign with serious flair.


You’re a knowledge entrepreneur or a coach who needs landing pages with special email marketing funnels built in.

Whoa. I need this.

A Custom Web and Marketing Experience

Why you gotta be so fancy? Just kidding. We love it when you tell us what you want. We know you’re unique and trying to do something the market has never seen. You came to the right place.

Always Agile

An agile web and marketing solution that speaks to your audience because you know they love it when you give them an unforgettable online experience.


Future-proof your web presence and marketing efforts by picking and choosing only the things you want.

You’re In Control

You’re in the driver’s seat now. Pick and choose from all our services and customize them as you need them.

Doing It Different

Being bold and taking a giant step in the direction of your dreams takes guts. Whatever your business goals are, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s What

You’ll Get…

Scalable and Easily Editable

Your website has to evolve with your audience so being agile and — dare we say nimble — is non-negotiable. Let’s future-proof your website and make it easy for your team to manage so that you can focus on what matters most: Attracting and converting leads.

  • Tutorials will be provided so that you and your team can operate your site to its fullest potential
  • Fully-editable interface that’s easy to use so that you’re not tied to a developer to help you make the smallest changes.

Designing Based on Data and Ingenuity

Your website’s design content and design should evolve over time based on performance. We’ll help you track customer behaviour on your site using heatmaps and other sweet analytics tools so that we can figure out:

  • A clearer look at who your customers are, what they want most, and the content they enjoy engaging with
  • The moment when and where your website lead converts (or bounces)
  • The in-context data that reveals and inspires new content that can be created
  • The pathway to forging a stronger connection and relationship with buyers

The Non-Negotiables

Some developers might consider these as bonus items to be added during the development phase. But, for us, they’re non-negotiables that we feel are absolutely necessary for your website’s success. We’ll make sure your site is:

  • Mobile responsive and FAST
  • Search engine optimized for keywords and metadata
  • Optimized for Google’s Key Ranking Factors

The Outcome

  • You’ll get a website that doesn’t compromise on design, functionality, and ease of use.
  • When the process is complete, we’ll handover a fully functioning and beautiful website that speaks to your audience and that your marketing team has full control over.
  • You won’t be tied to us for every little edit you want to make.

Need These Too?

Social Media + Design Templates

Let me guess: You don’t know where to start and, even if you did, you don’t have the time to write a boatload of engaging content that connects you with your customers and drives sales every day. No problem! Let us do it for you.

Marketing Solutions + PPC

You want to be seen, heard, and known. But, you have no idea how to get there. (It’s ok, you’re not alone!) Our marketing systems and strategic planning frameworks will fuel your growth, nurture your brand, and supercharge your team’s skills.

Email Marketing

Sometimes you just need a little nudge (or 10!) to finally make the move to purchase. Your customers aren’t so different from you. We’ll set up your email marketing campaigns and help you create a series of emails and workflows to nurture casual web visitors into committed buyers.


Web + Design

No Time Wasted
No Bullsh*t
Premium results

Meet Sassy B. She represents the way we do business. Cruelty-free, custom website design and development initiatives, all the time. No tricks, no stress, no overwhelm. (Your team will thank you!)

Buckle up, dear.

Three Awesome


What’s your fit?

One size doesn’t fit all. I get that. Can’t decide? Let’s chat

The boss baby package
  • This one's for my startup-preneurs and small business owners. A fast, furious, full-service website and starter marketing solution that gets you to market and launched fast. You'll get a basic logo and website plus all the content written by our team. No frills. All thrills.
The fancy pants
  • Why you gotta be so extra?! It’s ok, though. This is our a la carte package and you know we love it. Choose from our buffet of offerings ranging from a fancy or basic website, branding solutions, content creation, a 90-day strategic marketing plan, social media management, blogging, PPC, email marketing, and...well, you get the idea.

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No Interns
No Offshore
Just experts delivering great results
Only Awesomeness.
We have high standards.

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