Brother Fortune Equestrian


The Client: Brother Fortune Equestrian

BFE Equestrian is an international organization that trains and trades elite show jumping horses, with already established branches in China and Belgium. BFE Canada is poised to enter the North American market, delivering exceptional horses and incredible service to their customers. 

The Problem

BFE Canada came to us with a blank slate. They wanted a minimalist, simple and elegant website alongside clear and engaging website content. The website needed to showcase their stunning 10-acre equestrian estate and training centre in Langley, BC and establish themselves as a main player in the North American equestrian world. To hit the ground running, they needed a strong, elevated brand and website. And, that’s exactly what we gave them.

What We Did

Through our unique and in-depth web design and development discoveries, we were able to create a site which spoke to the elegance, sophistication, and quality inherent in all of BFE’s businesses.

Their website copy was carefully crafted to inspire and excite their potential clients, and offer a space to showcase their exceptional show jumping horses, and training and stable facilities. And now, with BFE Canada, we continue to uphold their internationally renowned standards with a clean, contemporary, minimalist website design.

With our web development partners, Vigilante Marketing, BFE Canada’s website was built to deliver a smooth, seamless, and easy to navigate experience.

The Outcome

BFE Canada has a website which is refined, contemporary, and undeniably luxurious. Their equestrian estate is extensively shown, and their expertise is apparent on every expertly designed page. BFE Canada now has an online presence fitting for the next leader in elite equestrian show jumping and trading.

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