Coach Concept Ads


The Potential Client: Coach

For over 80 years, Coach has been synonymous with luxury and quality, providing fashionistas with the ultimate in high-end accessories and apparel. We wanted to capture that in our concept designs, while highlighting the beautiful design and striking colours of their 2023 Summer Collection. 

Pink Coach purse sitting on top of bottom of woman's foot
Floral print Coach clutch sitting on light green background

The Concept

We sought to represent the elegance and luxury that defines Coach, while showcasing the bold and vibrant designs of their 2023 Summer Collection. We carefully crafted email campaigns and social media graphics inline with these goals, but with the addition of our own unique ECM twist. 

What We Did

We showcased the most vibrant designs from the 2023 Summer Collection, focusing on the meticulous details that set Coach’s collections apart. Bright colours and playful florals were contrasted against bold contrasting backgrounds for a show-stopping impact. 

Floral print Coach purse sitting on white background
Marketing email layout showcasing Coach bags

The Outcome

ECM’s concept designs showcased Coach as the obvious choice for fashion enthusiasts seeking the perfect accessories for the summer season. Our concept campaigns perfectly convey the high-end and luxurious nature of Coach’s stunning 2023 Summer Collection. 

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