Friendly Gear


The Client

Friendly Hemp is at the forefront of the hemp industry, offering premium hemp recreational treats that are both delicious and strong. Known for outstanding quality, Friendly Hemp has cultivated a passionate customer base that is eager to showcase their love for the brand. Recognizing the opportunity to further engage with their audience and spread the word about their products, Friendly Hemp wanted to extend their brand presence beyond their recreational goods, and branch out into trendy merchandise to further showcase their brand, hence the creation of Friendly Gear.

Three white Friendly Gear t-shirts
Man wearing Friendly Gear t-shirt

The Problem

While Friendly Hemp had successfully established a strong product line, they wanted to deepen their relationship with their customers and enhance their brand visibility in a tangible, everyday way. They needed merchandise that would not only appeal to their passionate followers but also convey the brand’s happy-go-lucky and laid back community.

What We Did

We got to work designing a range of funky gear for Friendly Hemp. High-quality t-shirts and hats were designed to feature Friendly Hemp’s logo prominently. We created unique designs and custom artwork to reflect the fun, playful, and unique brand aspects of Friendly Hemp. 

Our creative designs were crafted to be stylish and highly wearable, appealing to the brand’s diverse customer base, and ensuring that the logo served as a proud symbol of the Friendly Hemp’s values. These designs were tailored to resonate with the brand’s audience, and celebrate the joy and freedom associated with hemp culture.

Black hat with Friendly Hemp logo on it
Man wearing Friendly Gear t-shirt

The Outcome

The launch of the Friendly Hemp gear was successful in driving engagement and spreading brand awareness through trendy and playful t-shirts and hats. We helped Friendly Hemp successfully turn customers into brand ambassadors, and showcasing their product line with style. We really enjoyed the opportunity to blend creativity with strategic branding and create products that enhanced brand loyalty and visibility!

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