Friendly Hemp: Packaging


The Client

Friendly Hemp is renowned for its premium hemp recreational goodies, including gummies, disposable vapes and pre-rolls. With such high-quality products, Friendly Hemp has established a loyal customer base but they wanted to uplevel their market presence and appeal to a broader audience. They recognized the need for packaging that was eye-catching and communicated their brand’s unique identity.

Yellow Friendly Hemp Logo
Box of Friendly Hemp's THCA Diamond Preroll

The Problem

Friendly Hemp’s products needed to stand out on the shelves and immediately grab the attention of potential customers. They wanted packaging that wasn’t just functional, but also visually striking. Their vibrant brand personality needed packaging that was colourful, engaging, and featured one-of-a-kind imagery, showcasing their unique and playful nature.

What We Did

We took on this creative mission and dove headfirst into developing packaging for Friendly Hemp that would make a bold statement on their retailers shelves. Adding big, bold product imagery let customers see what was waiting for them inside, and helped elevate the products. Our packaging designs utilized bright eye-catching colours and modern, funky imagery to convey the upbeat nature of the Friendly Hemp brand and appeal to the fun-loving hemp community.

Showcase of Friendly Hemp's variety of gummies
Small and large box of Friendly Hemp's new vapes

The Outcome

Friendly Hemp’s new packaging allowed the products to pop on the shelf, immediately capturing customer’s interest. The colorful, engaging, and uniquely modern design effectively communicated Friendly Hemp’s brand identity, setting it apart in a crowded market. The innovative packaging has not only enhanced the shelf presence of Friendly Hemp’s products but also contributed to an increase in brand recognition and sales.

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