Friendly Hemp


The Client

Friendly Hemp, a leader in the recreational hemp market, is celebrated for its premium products, lively brand personality and product range, Friendly Hemp sought to elevate their online presence to better reflect their modern, edgy brand and to enhance the customer experience both for product discovery and community engagement.

Yellow Friendly Hemp Logo
Friendly Hemp's homepage shown on a laptop and mobile phone

The Problem

Friendly Hemp’s existing website didn’t fully capture the brand’s modern and fun-loving spirit. It lacked the visual impact necessary to engage it’s visitors immediately and it’s navigation left a lot to be desired. Friendly Hemp needed a digital platform that would showcase their products and brand personality and offer a seamless shopping experience for it’s customers.

What We Did

Oh, this one was a fun one. Our talented designers got to work on a website redesign project that aimed to showcase the brand’s dynamic brand while ensuring an optimal user experience. We created a website that stands out with bright colors, bold headlines and laid-back imagery embodying the brand’s brand personality. 

To enhance the user experience, we streamlined the website for easy navigation to ensure an effortless experience exploring products, learning about the brand, and engaging without frustration. 

We incorporated modern, fun  imagery throughout the site, that showcases Friendly Hemp’s brand identity. This included high-quality product photography, lifestyle images that resonate with the target audience, and custom graphics that highlight the brand’s unique character.

Image of Friendly Hemp's Shop
Image of Friendly Hemp's Homepage

The Outcome

The redesigned Friendly Hemp website has been a huge success, expanding the brand’s modern, vibrant identity while providing a user-friendly shopping and browsing experience. The bold use of colour, modern design elements, and engaging imagery has dramatically increased online engagement, attracting more visitors and converting them into loyal customers. That’s just how we roll.

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