Harper Lawrence


The Client: Harper Lawrence

Harper Lawrence is an up-and-coming luxury handbag brand whose bags are made in Florence and Milan, Italy with the high end luxe Italian leather and world class craftsmanship. Founded by a former Saks Fifth Avenue buyer and prominent interior designer, the creative duo wanted to create beautiful, functional, classic handbags. 

Orange Mini Jeannie bag from Harper Lawrence sitting on a white background
Navy clutch from Harper Lawrence placed on a fashion magazine

The Problem

They weren’t seeing the growth and engagement they hoped for on their social media channels and their content needed some spicing up. Harper Lawrence was after beautiful graphics that showcased their Summer Collection and highlighted their thoughtfully designed, luxurious bags in action, letting more people fall in love with their high-end brand. 

What We Did

This was a fun one! We got to work creating some gorgeous images featuring their handbags in a variety of lifestyle scenes. This let the products really come to life, and help the consumer picture all the ways their own Harper Lawrence bag could fit into their lifestyle. We wrote engaging social copy that told the story of the luxurious and impeccable quality of their gorgeous bags adding credibility and poise to their brand voice. Our work allowed Harper Lawrence to have the well deserved online presence of a high-end luxurious brand that anyone would be eager to add to their collection.

Woman sitting on beach holding oranges in front of her face, while next to Harper Lawrence bag
Tile-view of Harper Lawrence's branded social media feed

The Outcome

Harper Lawrence’s social presence now feels fitting for the high end luxurious brand they are. Their social presence now looks polished, professional, and depicts their bags in luxury lifestyle settings to help their audience feel inspired to take home their very own Harper Lawrence!

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