Harris Woolf Concept Packaging


The Potential Client: Harris Woolf

Harris Woolf is an industry-leading almond producer based in California and ECM wanted to play with what a concept collection of their snacks and beverages could look like. Our goal was to capture the light-hearted nature of summer using bright and playful designs in our concept product packages. 

Concept packaging of Granola Bites snacks for Harris Woolf
Concept packaging of Goodsun Granola Bars for Harris Woolf

The Concept

We aimed to create packaging that would transport the consumer to a world of summer fun, and make Harris Woolf the obvious choice for any consumer looking to enjoy a tasty snack, or a cool beverage on a hot day.

What We Did

The ECM design team created these concept packaging designs to make their refreshing beverages and delicious snacks jump out at the consumer on the shelf. The use of vibrant colours was used to evoke a carefree and joyful vibe. By infusing our designs with lively colours, whimsical fonts, and quirky design elements, we gave the concept packaging a taste of adventure to Harris Woolf’s customers.

Concept packaging of Little Bites granola snacks for Harris Woolf

The Outcome

We successfully brought Harris Woolf’s summer beverages and snacks to life! The bright and playful colours, bold design elements and fun fonts successfully capture a consumer’s attention, enticing anyone to try the brand’s products, or explore their offerings further. 

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