Hollyhock: EOY Fundraising Campaign


The Client: Hollyhock Fundraising Team

Having already worked with Hollyhock on their new website and branding, their fundraising team reached out to us for help with their End of Year Fundraising campaign. The End of Year Fundraising campaign is the crown jewel of their year round fundraising efforts, with most of their donations coming in during this time. This campaign had a modest goal set for 2022, but the Hollyhock team wanted to blow that number out of the water. The only problem was that they didn’t know how. That’s when we were called in to help.

Logo for Hollyhock's Fundraising Team
Hollyhock donation page made by Emily Chow Marketing

The Problem

Despite having an extensive email list, they didn’t truly know their audience. With such a varied audience on their lists, from never before donated to long time donors, the messaging just wasn’t quite right. The team often felt uncertain about whether their campaigns were connecting effectively with their audience and were curious to see the impacts of having a focused and tactical email strategy.

What We Did

This was a fun one. We really sunk our teeth into analytics and audience segmentation to create a precise strategy… and hit their goal out of the park. We split their audience into 5 different segments so our messaging could be as clear and direct as possible for each list. We closely monitored open and click rates, as well as interaction within the emails, throughout the campaign. Our deep dive into analytics allowed us to carefully assess how each audience interacted with the content. As a result, we were able to strategically shift and pivot our language and messaging strategy for each audience, fine tune each of the five lists further, and create compelling calls to action to get the best donation results possible.

30% increase in donors and 10% in average donation amount for Hollyhock's Fundraising Team with the help of Emily Chow Marketing
$63,000 raised for Hollyhock's Fundraising Team with the help of Emily Chow Marketing

The Outcome

That $10,000 goal? Well, they raised almost $63,000 by the end of the year. Yes, you read that right. Not only did they raise more than six times their goal, we also saw an increase in their donors by over 30% as well as a 10% increase in their average donation dollar amount. The Hollyhock Fundraising team was thrilled to have crushed their goals, gained new donors and raised much deserved money for their non-profit charity and scholarship fund. Win, win, WIN. 

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