Hollyhock: Spring Silent Auction


The Client: Hollyhock Fundraising Team

Following the huge success of their End of Year Fundraising campaign, the Hollyhock Fundraising Team asked for our support again. This time it was for their Spring Silent Auction. This event is held every year, and helps to raise vital donations for their scholarship fund. With the previous year’s auction raising $13,000, the team knew they could do better with our help. And, you know us. We love a challenge, so we eagerly got to work.

Logo for Hollyhock's Fundraising Team
Hollyhock donation page made by Emily Chow Marketing

The Problem

While the Hollyhock Fundraising Team experienced relative success with their previous Silent Auctions, they knew they could do more, and that there was untapped potential within their audience. The challenge was to build excitement around the auction, which would help to drive participation. Sharing the right messaging with all the different audience segments was the main question we had to tackle first in order to get those donations rolling in.

What We Did

Our team rolled up their sleeves and got to work. ECM implemented a thorough strategy which included segmented audience lists, targeted messaging via email marketing and eye-catching social media posts. These were all carefully crafted to captivate the audience and showcase the unique auction offerings from a variety of well-known and exciting vendors. We also emphasized the impact their donations would have on the larger community as a whole. 

An infograph that shows Emily Chow Marketing helped Hollyhock double their scholarship spaces.
Hollyhock Silent Auction Results

The Outcome

The results of the Spring Silent Auction exceeded ALL expectations! The event raised over $25,000 – almost double the previous year’s total of $13,000! This demonstrates the power of our strategy, engaging emails and captivating social media posts. By building excitement, targeting our message to specific audience sets, and sharing sneak peeks of the auction prizes, we created a buzz that went beyond the Hollyhock community. We attracted a wider audience, grew our newsletter subscriber list, and ultimately resulted in almost doubling their previous year’s donations. Mic drop. 

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