The Client

Hollyhock is a retreat centre and registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to facilitating social impact and cultural transformation through their wellness and leadership programming. They empower the next wave of social impact leaders through their progressive Leadership Institute designed to help individuals cultivate the inner and outer skills needed to empower their organizations and drive their missions forward.

The Problem

The CEO and head of marketing at Hollyhock came to us with a clear problem: Their website was outdated, difficult to navigate and did not represent the forward-thinking, socially conscious ethos of Hollyhock. They were also looking for a way to uplift and highlight the work of their valued partners and supporters in the community. Hollyhock clearly needed a website and brand that was indicative of the organization’s ambitious goals and consistent across online platforms. They wanted to develop a brand narrative and website that accurately reflected Hollyhock’s mission, vision, and values. 

The ultimate goal of their website is to drive program sign-ups, inspire donations, and help spread their work and mission further.

What We Did

ECM led Hollyhock through an in-depth and thorough brand analysis and design process to determine the tone, look, and feel of their new branding and website. Our experienced in-house designers teamed up with Brandzuzu to create a fresh, modern, and eye-catching web design. We used unique and personalized design elements for the site that were inspired by nature and which gave a nod to the beautifully rugged landscape of their campus space on Cortes Island. 

Vigilante Marketing, our trusted web development partners, helped us build a site with a fluid user interface and navigation to guide casual website visitors toward program sign ups. 

Creative and strategic website copywriting created clear calls to action and an engaging journey for the high volume of daily site visitors to the site. We ensured the website was seamlessly integrated with their booking platform, allowing for an easy and streamlined program sign up process.

The Outcome

Hollyhock has a modern, functional, and deeply personalized website, which matches their ambitious and forward-thinking organization. The nature inspired design elements showcase their dedication and respect for land, while highlighting the essential environmental, social and cultural work they help facilitate. 

Their website now features all of their partners, encouraging site visitors to empower and support the many organizations that stand beside Hollyhock. Now, Hollyhock has a website that is welcoming, easy to navigate and makes finding and signing up for programs quick, easy, and enjoyable. 

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