Liberate Your True Self


The Client: Liberate Your True Self

Liberate Your True Self is a crystal and metaphysical store based in Port Moody, Vancouver, BC which offers personalized Aura readings, spiritual healing, and space clearing services. Liberate wanted to expand their client base and attract new customers for their healing services, but weren’t sure how, or where to start. 

Feather and cloud logo for Liberate Your True Self
Aura readings and chakra clearings provided by Liberate Your True Self

The Problem

Liberate wasn’t selling many aura readings, or healing packages and wanted to get noticed in the online space more. The company’s email strategy was sporadic and lacked focus, their social media presence was disorganized, and the SERP rankings for their primary keywords were low. Without a focused, well-designed digital marketing strategy, they simply weren’t reaching their full potential.

What We Did

We revamped Liberate’s social presence with beautiful branded graphics and curated content to engage their audience and encourage bookings. Informational and inspiring email campaigns were created to give their audience insight into the transformational results they could expect following an aura reading or spiritual healing session. A huge overhaul and update of their website’s SEO metadata and structure was also done. 

3rd place on Google rankings for Liberate Your True Self with the help of Emily Chow Marketing
From 0 to 5 bookings a day for Liberate Your True Self with the help of Emily Chow Marketing

The Outcome

In less than one month, Liberate Your True Self has leapt up to third place on Google rankings for two of their most important keywords, and is now more visible and accessible for those searching online! This has resulted in several Aura and spiritual healing bookings each day, as well as more walk-in clients in-store. They have seen their bookings jump from 0 to up to 5 appointments per day! Now, Liberate Your True Self is meeting new clients, getting closer to being fully booked, and most importantly, being able to reach more people with their healing arts. 

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