The Client

Marliworld is a new recreational Hemp-derived product wholesaler from the United States. Their products range from gummies and moon rocks, to pre-rolls and vapes, in a wide variety of fun flavours. An offshoot of parent company and product manufacturer, HempNova, Marliworld represents the casual retail face of the enterprise. Marliworld approached us with a completely blank canvas, eager to build a vibrant, new brand from scratch. Marliworld needed their brand to be perfected and rolled out quickly so they could begin their social media marketing campaigns and ground level sales campaign.

Marliworld logo black and white
bright photos and cartoon graphics of marliworld's instagram and social media

The Problem

With the rapid expansion of the US recreational hemp products industry, Marliworld quickly found themselves in need of a unique and cohesive branding strategy. To keep up with the increasing popularity and demand of recreational hemp-derived goods, Marliworld turned to us for strategic and tactical help. Marliworld required immediate help defining their target market and navigating current market trends. 

With no existing website, social media presence, or product packaging, ECM took on a holistic brand discovery and project leadership role. An added challenge within this project was the requirement to incorporate a degree of subtlety in the content language, as discussing recreational substances is still heavily restricted on most social media platforms.

What We Did

We approached this exciting project from the ground up. We worked with the client and our partners at Vigilante Marketing to distill Marliworld’s content pillars of lifestyle, community, and product quality. We shaped a bright, playful, and quirky brand voice and aesthetic. Can’t you tell?! Equipped with this solid foundation, we created a brand new website, launched several social media platforms, and took on the products’ packaging and label designs. (Psst! Check out Marliworld’s packaging design story). 

Marliworld’s striking new website came together quickly, with a strong, yet playful, design. With just the right amount of white space to let the graphics and playful photos pop, the layout is extremely accessible, inviting, and easy to navigate. This project came together in less than two months, and Marliworld suddenly had a cohesive, consistent, and trendy look and voice to help them break onto the exciting recreational hemp products scene in the United States!

Marliworld website seen on computer and mobile
Marliworld website screenshot happy people and cartoon graphics

The Outcome

Marliworld’s full brand debut is already making waves across the US market with deals from retail franchises and wholesalers. Marliworld (now a long-term client) is thrilled with the results. Our product packaging designs alone have become a smash-hit across the White Label World Expo trade show circuits in both New York and Frankfurt, Germany. Marliworld is well on its way to becoming a top contender in this wildly exciting new industry!

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