Prizm Physiotherapy and Performance


The Client: Prizm Physiotherapy & Performance

Dex Diu came to us with an idea. After working with the UFC as a physiotherapy manager, he wanted to bring elite level fitness knowledge and care to his everyday clients. He left Las Vegas and returned to Vancouver ready to start his own online physiotherapy brand, Prizm Physiotherapy and Performance. The only problem? He had no idea where to start. Enter Emily Chow Marketing.

Black logo for Prizm Physio created by Emily Chow Marketing
Graphics and images chosen for inspiration of Prizm Physio's branding by Emily Chow Marketing

The Problem

Prizm had no brand and no target market. But, what they did have was a deep desire to offer quality care in clinic and online – and to look good doing it. With such a plethora of online health and wellness brands, Dex wanted Prizm to have a unique, head-turning, eye-popping brand and online presence. He needed our help to build a brand from the ground up. And, don’t you know it…that’s exactly what we did, baby.

What We Did

We jumped straight into focused and extensive strategy sessions about target markets and audiences. We had to know who Prizm was going to help, before we got into the how. Once we were clear on Prizm’s target audience, we started to build a modern, sleek brand that would captivate, inspire, and ultimately book Prizm solid. Our in-house designers created a dynamic, contemporary logo with design elements. And, we crafted a brand voice that was educated, modern, and edgy. Nailed it.

Tile-view of branded social media graphics created for Prizm Physio by Emily Chow Marketing
Prizm Physio wordmark on dark purple refracted background

The Outcome

Prizm has a brand like no other. From the sharp, dramatic colour scheme, to the sleek and minimalist logo, Prizm’s branding looks and feels exciting, professional, and top of the line. The branding suits the elite level of care, knowledge and expertise that Dex delivers to his clients. Prizm Physiotherapy and Performance is set to take the online world of physio and strength coaching to another level. 

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