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The Client

Stay Wilder is British Columbia’s premier eco-glamping destination, specializing in luxurious eco-domes nestled in the heart of nature. They provide an unparalleled outdoor experience with amenities like comfortable queen beds, high-end outdoor kitchen, private washrooms and showers and in-room Nespresso machines. Designed for those looking to disconnect and immerse in tranquility, Stay Wilder also caters to corporate and wellness retreats, small weddings, elopements, and private parties, offering the perfect blend of luxury and nature.

Dark green Stay Wilder logo
Phone showing Stay Wilder's Instagram profile and posts

The Problem

Despite offering an exceptional eco-glamping experience, Stay Wilder faced challenges in capturing the attention of their target audience and driving website traffic for 2024 bookings. They needed a marketing strategy that not only highlighted the unique aspects of their offerings but also communicated the luxury and sustainability of their experiences effectively.

What We Did

Emily Chow Marketing did what we do best, and embarked on a comprehensive campaign to elevate Stay Wilder’s online presence and attract more visitors to their site. We designed a series of beautiful, cohesive and on-brand social media ads that perfectly captured the essence of Stay Wilder’s eco-glamping experience. 

Understanding the importance of storytelling in marketing luxury experiences, we crafted compelling copy that showcased all Stay Wilder has to offer. Our copy highlighted the unique aspects of staying in eco-domes, the opportunity to disconnect and relax in nature, and the versatility of the site for hosting events like corporate retreats and small weddings. The goal was to emotionally connect with potential guests and encourage them to book their stay.

These ads were strategically placed to reach potential guests across Facebook and Instagram, and were aimed to spark interest and drive traffic to the website.

Magazine ad for Stay Wilder
Stay Wilder's Instagram graphics

The Outcome

The marketing campaign was a huge success! The ads, with their beautiful imagery and targeted copy, not only showcased the elevated nature experience that Stay Wilder offers but also significantly increased website traffic and bookings for 2024. Stay Wilder is now better positioned as the go-to destination for those seeking a luxury eco-glamping experience in BC.

Stay Wilder’s story is a testament to the power of strategic marketing in transforming the way businesses connect with their audience. At Emily Chow Marketing, we’re proud to have played a part in bringing this unique eco-glamping experience to the forefront, helping more people find their way back to nature in luxury and style!

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