Tory Burch Concept Ads


The Potential Client: Tory Burch

Tory Burch has revolutionized the landscape of American luxury fashion. With their infusion of a playful and bohemian vibe into classic American sportswear, they have become synonymous with bold and vibrant colours. From exquisite handbags to sophisticated footwear and clothing, Tory Burch empowers individuals to express their unique sense of style with confidence.

Light green Tory Burch hand bag on white background
Happy woman on a yellow background carrying a Tory Burch purse

The Concept

We set out to create an immersive experience that exuded boldness, sophistication, with a light-hearted touch in both email and social media campaigns. We aimed to capture the playful luxury that defines Tory Burch’s collections and present it in a fashion-forward manner.

What We Did

Our talented in-house graphic design team created custom, short-form videos and graphics for email marketing, organic social media, and paid ads that bring the colours of each product to life, and really let the Spring collection shine. The bright colours tie in a playful nod to the brand’s youthful vibe, while the simple design highlights the effortless luxury that infuses Tory Burch. 

Pink Tory Burch purse sitting on white background
Marketing email layout showcasing Tory Burch bags

The Outcome

Stunning social media campaigns, paired with captivating and engaging email campaigns would catch the attention and admiration of their target audience. Our concept marketing materials successfully positioned Tory Burch’s collections as the star of the show, cementing their status as the go-to choice for summer accessories among their target audience. 

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