Vital Body


The Client: Vital Body

Vital Body is a weight loss coaching clinic that offers programs to help people reconnect with their bodies and re-learn how to eat in a healthy, fulfilling way. They have been in business for over 20 years and have helped people lose thousands of pounds in excess weight. Their approach is rooted in kindness, with their supportive coaching model playing a huge role in their weight loss program.

Vital Body pink logo
Vital Body's homepage shown on a laptop and mobile phone

The Problem

With the weight loss industry being such an oversaturated market, they really wanted a website that stood out and set them apart from the sea of other weight loss clinics. Their unique approach to weight loss wasn’t being effectively showcased, so people weren’t able to fully appreciate the quality of their program.

What We Did

The talented team at Emily Chow Marketing overhauled their web copy to create a site that spoke directly to the hearts of their ideal clients. We threw out traditional weight loss language, and used our copy to emotionally connect with potential clients who are looking to improve the quality of their lives with a healthier body. With our trusted web development partners Vigilante Marketing we designed a site that was user friendly, perfectly highlighted their welcoming and supportive nature, and really put the spotlight on their exceptional weight loss programs.

Vital Body website pop up
Screenshot from Vital Body's homepage

The Outcome

Their website now showcases them as the powerfully effective and supportive weight loss clinic that they are! With our web development partners at Vigilante Marketing we have created a site that is welcoming, user friendly, and easy to navigate. Their unique approach to weight loss now shines through in the thoughtful design and engaged web copy!

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