What NOT To Say In A Sales Call

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Are you landing all the sales calls….but none of the clients? 

Talk about a pain in the peach, eh? 

Well, it looks like it’s time to revisit your tactics, my friend, and maybe update a thing or two. 

Long gone are the days of high-pressure sales techniques. 

Super aggressive techniques used to be recommended, like talking a million miles a minute and always pushing for a close. But…That’s just no fun for anyone. It’s stressful for you, and it’s uncomfortable for your potential client! 

Your sales calls should entice them with your offer, give a glimpse into the results only you can provide them, and definitely not scare them off!

Here’s what NOT to say in a sales call:

“So, what does your company do anyway?”

Let’s start with an easy one. You should be going into every sales call with proper research about the company. Know exactly who you’re meeting with AND what their pain points most likely are. Google and Linkedin are your friends here — stalk away.

Say and do this instead: Go in with confidence and show you know your stuff. Be specific, like “I saw you work within X industry, and I’ve worked with a number of clients in similar industries, so I’m confident I can help you get the results you’re after.”

“I wanted to just check-in…”

This REEKS of “I wanna know if you’re ready to buy yet….”  Don’t be this person. You can’t jump in and ask for their attention and time without first offering something. So, instead, jump in and ask a specific question. Open the conversation with something you noticed on their social media feed or website, and show GENUINE interest in how they, or their business, are doing. Perhaps share a news article or blog post you think will be of interest or help them out in some way!

So, maybe try saying this instead: “I saw this blog post and thought of you – hope it’s useful!”

“We can help with XYZ. Is that what you’re looking for?”

Don’t lead with your offers. Lead with curiosity about what specific support THEY need. You could end up wasting a whole lot of time talking about the wrong thing, and alienating your client in the process.

Say this instead: “As I understand it, your needs are X, Y and Z. How would it impact your business to have those needs met?”

“We can chat about prices later…”

NOPE. Red flag. Do you think this will make your potential client feel informed or supported? They’ll continue to feel a little guarded because a) there’s been a lack of communication about the very important aspect of price and budget, b) you’re not being transparent or upfront and that gives off major snakeoil salesperson vibes. 

Say this instead: “Of course we can discuss pricing. My packages start at X and can go up to Y depending on the scope of the project. I’d like to talk more about your needs and what type of support you’re looking for!”

“That pricing is only available if we close during this call.”

Well done, you’ve just lost a potential client. Bullying someone into taking up an offer while dangling a discount or offer over their head is not cool, dude. You have to lead with openness, respect, trust, and remind them of the value you could bring, IF they choose to work with you. Make yourself and your offer irresistible and you’ll be more likely to land the clients who are ready to do the work with you. 

Say this instead: “This is a big decision, and I totally understand you need some time to think it over. Let me send you through everything we’ve chatted about. I really do believe that we can achieve XYZ with working together.”


And there you have it! Lead with honesty, respect, and genuine interest in serving your clients and you could be on your way to signing on soul mate clients one after another. 

Need some support? Lucky for you we can help you in allll your marketing struggles, including scripting for your sales calls. Email us today and we can start landing you those dreamboat clients. 


Sharing is Caring!

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