The Forum E-Series Workshop: Your New Marketing BFF

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Your New Marketing BFF: How To Use Analytics to Drive More Website Traffic & Online Sales

Guess what folks, I’m back at The Forum E-Series bringing you a workshop on the new Google Analytics 4! 

Ever wonder what all those reports are in Google Analytics…and, what they’re trying to tell you about your business’s performance? Acquisition. Engagement. Monetization. Demographics. Technology. Let’s dive into these reports together. 

This workshop you’ll learn how to:

⭐ Navigate the shiny new Google Analytics 4
⭐ Discover how to interpret the data and basic reports on your dashboard
⭐ Use the information you’ve gathered to make informed decision about your business and online presence
⭐ Convert casual web visitors into committed buyers

Sounds good, right? If you missed the chance to join The Forum cohort this time around, be sure to get on the waitlist for 2024! 


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Sharing is Caring!

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