Assured Lease


The Client

Assured Lease offers leasing solutions with fast results at great rates. They have 30 years of personalized leasing experience and are invested in clients’ business goals. They offer equipment leasing options for a multitude of different industries at competitive rates.

Assured Lease Logo
Assured Lease on a Laptop

The Problem

Bruce Ellemo, the president of Assured Lease approached us in need of an overall refresh of both brand and website. The website was extremely outdated in both look and function and needed an overhaul from top to bottom. Specifically, the site featured a dark color scheme, bloated and unnecessary content, and a dated design, thus resulting in a poor user experience.

What We Did

We took on the role of project management, content strategy, and content creation and partnered with Vigilante Marketing for site design and function. All content, including images and copy, were refreshed by us and new branding was put in place. A focus on dynamic, lively language and eye-catching calls-to action bring users directly through the funnel and encourage interaction. The major goal of the site was to provide visitors with efficient information and to move ahead with leasing quote requests.

As an interesting side note – Bruce Ellemo is color-blind, so our designer chose to keep the website monochrome, and also used animated elements to draw the eye around the pages.

Assured Lease Full Website

The Outcome

Assured Lease now has a modern and effective website that assists visitors with pertinent information and easy quote request options. President Bruce Ellemo is pleased with the new website and is excited to continue connecting with customers online to solve their leasing needs.

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