Bruce Ellemo


The Client

Bruce Ellemo is a man of many talents. A successful business owner and entrepreneur, Bruce also has several books under his belt and offers both personal and professional coaching to help clients realize their full potential. His customized approach to coaching allows you or your team to get unstuck and back on track to achieving greatness! Finding his own inspiration within his clients, Bruce is a truly impactful motivator, speaker and business leader within his community.

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The Problem

Bruce’s website needed a big update to modernize the user experience and overall bring his site in line with the quality of coaching he provides. Both his site and branding needed a refresh to bolster his online credibility and improve his customer engagement online. He also needed a polished way to display his numerous books, as well as promote his upcoming events.

What We Did

We took on the role of project management for this build, organizing and curating content, as well as brand direction and site mapping. We once again partnered with the talented team at Vigilante Marketing for the execution of refreshed site design and function. Brand new copy, dynamic imagery, and design brought this website to life, truly reflecting the power and possibility Bruce offers to his coaching clients.

Bruce Ellemo Showcase

The Outcome

Bruce Ellemo now has a modern, high-performance website that inspires his visitors into action! Highly user-friendly, this site is prepared to guide every visitor to the type of coaching best suited to their unique goals. With dynamic graphics, compelling copy, and a new, updated structure, is ready to inspire and motivate each visitor!

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