Centre for Arts and Technology


The Client

Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT) in Kelowna first opened its doors over a decade ago in a campus-style business centre and technology hub that serves the greater Okanagan Valley and beyond.

The Centre is not your typical technical college or university. It’s foundation was built over 30 years ago by media and educational leaders with CAT now rising up to become one of Canada’s leading colleges in digital arts and technical training. Today, CAT is recognized as one of the few schools that continually produce top talent in the areas of filmmaking, animation, audio engineering, digital music production, interior design, photography, graphic and web design, and network security.

Their goal: To compete with other local post-secondary schools and to show prospective students that CAT is the school of choice for those who want a fulfilling, creative career in digital arts and technology.

Centre for Arts and Technology Tiles | Emily Chow Marketing

The Problem

The Centre for Arts and Technology first contracted us to do Facebook Ads training for their team and our work together quickly evolved into additional HubSpot training. We recently delivered our rolling, fully-transparent 90-Day Marketing Plan to them and the process was fun, intense, and empowering.

In tandem with all this, the president of the school reached out to us to help project manage the design and build of their new website. Their existing website had a very high bounce rate and drop-off rate from the home page. The percentage of visitors that flowed through to subpages from the home page was extremely low and unacceptable to the school’s senior leadership team. After reviewing the analytics, we were able to pinpoint several key issues: There weren’t enough intuitive cues in the site’s design to guide users through each page and calls-to-action were few and far between. It wasn’t clear where to find specific types of information like student financing and the site’s creative assets like images, student portfolios, and the overall design itself just wasn’t modern or fresh enough to attract prospective students. Let’s be real here: A creative and technical college requires a site that lives up to the school’s promise.

What We Did

We put our heads together and created a bright, modern website with large fonts and striking images to appeal to the school’s younger demographic. Each webpage was designed and structured as a landing page to boost engagement and to ensure the user was shown all the most critical information they would need to pick a program, connect with a program advisor, get financing information, learn about recent graduate successes, and more.

Programs at Centre for Arts and Technology | Emily Chow Marketing
Student Work at Centre for Arts and Technology

The Outcome

The Centre for Arts and Technology’s senior leadership team and staff are excited and proud of their new website. They are ready to stand out from the competition and continue doing great work training students and preparing them for a successful career in arts and technology.

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