“What The Heck Do I Post Today?!”

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If you’ve ever struggled with not knowing what to write on social media so that you can actually get the results you want (like engagement, leads, and sales!), then you’re going to want to listen in closely…

I’ll be hosting an action-packed Lunch and Learn with the Spring Activator’s community on Tuesday, January 25th, 2022! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite actionable strategies to get you seen, loved, and selling online – Register here!

Why You Need To Come To This Event

Social media marketing and engagement is an area of marketing that many of my clients find challenges with. Not knowing what to post and how to show up on social media to actually get seen, loved and selling with your ideal clients can be super overwhelming and stressful.

And, I ALSO know that you didn’t get into business to spend all your time trying to figure out marketing and social media. So, here’s what you’re going learn with me on January 25th:

  1. A clear understanding of WHO your ideal clients are and what their exact pain points are.
  2. You’ll create a basic social media strategy that helps you create content consistently without burning out.
  3. You’ll learn user-friendly industry tools the pros use everyday to save them time (and stress) on social media

We’re going back to the heart of marketing with this workshop: communicating, connecting, creating relationships, being of service, saying something of worth and value. This is how you get to reclaim your enthusiasm and passion for your business online again.

What You’ll Walk Away With: Social media strategies that work for you

My hope is that after the workshop, you’ll have a better understanding of how you can start:

  • Getting seen, known, recognized and valued with the people you can help most.
  • Delivering content and solutions to people that make them think, “Wow, it’s like you’re in my head!”
  • Creating content that connects, creates relationships, and moves people OFF social media and onto your website so that you can convert them.

You’ll walk away with an action plan for how you can start showing up and standing out online in a way that engages your audience, warms them up for a sale, and doesn’t burn you out.

So let’s do this!

Details | Tuesday, January 25th at 12 pm PST
Save your spot here!

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