How To Get More Website Conversions

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How cool would it be to have a website that generates you leads even while you’re sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix? 

It would be so cool, right??!

But, this doesn’t just happen by chance, friends. 

Creating a website that actually converts requires a very specific combination of copywriting finesse, conversion design, and a user experience that your customers (and Google!) will love.

Lucky for you I’m running a workshop with Spring Activator on Wednesday January 25th! It’s an online event, so you can post up on the sofa, grab your fave beverage, take some game-changing notes, and get to work!

Here’s What You’ll Get From This Workshop:

  • Access to the exact information you’ll need to create a website that your customers love and buy into. 
  • Very specific knowledge (and a checklist!) of key copywriting tips, design principles, and web development best practices.
  • You’ll know how to create a website that evokes the exact emotions needed to make your ideal customers commit to the action you want them to! Think: Purchase, sign up, call you, book an appointment. BOOM.

My goal for this workshop is to show you all the things the most seasoned business owners wish they had known before they created a website of their own. 

Because, who has the time and money to waste building a website that generates you no leads, doesn’t inspire conversions, and drives people straight to your competitors? Exactly. 

Grab your tickets now! Can’t wait to see you at the workshop!

Sharing is Caring!

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