The Social Media Mistakes You’re Making (and How to FIX Them!)

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Do you put your heart and soul into your social media?…But no matter what you do, your engagement is still totally underwhelming? 

It can be super frustrating when you’re throwing everything you have in your social media, and it just seems to flop. 

That’s where I come in, your marketing unicorn bestie, Emily. Let me run down the crucial mistakes you might be making when it comes to social media engagement…and, how you can fix them. 


Your content isn’t optimized

While it’s easy to create one piece of content and post it everywhere, this could be hurting your engagement. 

Don’t just pump out content and hope your audience and engagement will magically grow. 

Different social platforms have their own algorithm and using different techniques can change everything! You can’t expect the same post and strategy to work across the board. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc… each of these platforms have such unique audiences. And, you can’t speak to one audience the same way you speak to others. That’s just not how business and marketing strategy works. 

Adapt your content strategy for each social media platform, and be specific. Work smarter not harder, friends. 

Your posting schedule is all over the place

Now, this is one that not everyone likes to hear. But baby, you gotta post more, and stay consistent. Most companies are posting around 3 times a week….but posting 1-2 times a day is the best plan of action when it comes to convincing the algorithm that your audience needs to see your content. 

While that may sound overwhelming, you can batch create and schedule out your content, so you don’t have to be glued to your phone 24/7.

Choose one day per week and dedicate 1-2 hours just to creating content. Commit to it, research your hashtags, press publish, and ENGAGE with your followers and other accounts with gusto! 

You’re only sticking to one platform 

Did you know the average social media user is on six different platforms? 

That’s right, SIX. 

I’m not saying you have to run out today and sign up for every platform under the sun, but hey, adding a few more won’t hurt. 

Find out where your ideal clients like to hang out and consume content…then, GET ON THERE! 

Look at your metrics and see what content performs well on each platform. Let your audience tell you what content they like best. Use this kind of data-backed info to then create more useful and fun content that your audience will lap up.

Forgetting to add a relevant call to action

The click-through rate on most ads is only 1.3%. 

Whomp whomp. 

Do you know why that is? 

Well, it’s because y’all are forgetting to add relevant and engaging calls to action (CTA). Gone are the days of “click the link!” 

Instead we’ve got to say something a lil more saucy. Think: “Just imagine having XYZ done and dusted! Amazing, right? Click the link and let’s make all your dreams come true.” 

Make sure the calls to action are relatable and specific to your content. Test out different ones and see what sticks! 


Your social posts are full of text

A whopping 68% of Instagram users prefer images over a text based graphic. 

So, no more graphics with walls of text, yah? 

Get out your camera and start snapping! Share more selfies and shots of you working in your biz. Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes sneak peak. 

Videos can also be a great way to showcase your expertise, provide value, and allow your community a chance to get to know you better! 


Your posting time is out of whack

Do you know the optimal time to post on social media?

And no, it’s not 11pm when you’re lying in bed, panicking over the fact that you never posted today. 

The ideal time is 10am, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Try to post during this time, and you’ll notice an increase in engagement with your peeps! 

Well, at least that’s what the stats say. My recommendation to you is to test out different posting times, and then look at your metrics to see which ones got the most views, likes, comments, shares, etc. 


Your customer service is lacking

Ok, hear me out. 

If you’re an online, service-based business, you might not think too much about traditional customer service. But poor customer service is one of the major reason people unfollow brands and businesses on social media. 

Things like responding to your DMs, replying with meaningful comments and genuinely connecting with your audience is all part of your “customer service”. 

People want to feel like you care, whether they’ve bought your products or not. Help your community because you care, not because you’re trying to sell to them. 


And that’s it, folks. Try implementing these tips and tricks and see how it impacts your engagement! 

As always, we’re here to help you steer clear of all the possible marketing faux-pas’s out there. Can’t face fixing all this yourself? We got you, boo. Email us today and we can kick your social media into high gear.


Sharing is Caring!

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