4 Tips to Help Grow Your Social Media

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A thriving social media presence that drives engagement and generates leads is a dream for every business owner. 

A healthy online presence is key to boosting traffic, and can even help increase sales. 

Social media can feel totally daunting if you don’t know where to start, so let me break it down and show you what you need to grow your following, and drive those sales, baby!

Have Strong and Clear Content

You have to let your followers know who you are, what you do, and the undeniable results only you can provide to them. Get my meaning here? 

No one will bother following you if they can’t quickly figure out what it is you do… and how you can help them. People need to know that YOU KNOW what their problems are and how you are the solution to them.  

Create 3-5 content themes or topics (I like to call them Content Pillars) related to your business, services and/or products, so you can create a variety of relevant content without ever running out of ideas! 

Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Instagram Feed

Let’s be honest – do you follow any accounts that don’t have a nice looking feed? 

As soon as someone lands on your profile’s feed, they’ve got to like what they see. That doesn’t mean copycat-ing your competitors and trying to look the same as them. 

What it DOES mean is you need to find a design style that suits your brand and business that’s also consistent with your colours, fonts, and overall vibe. 

If you’re stuck for design ideas, check out my free Canva templates[hyperlink] to help you get started. Done and dusted. 


Optimize That Instagram Bio

Aside from assessing the look and feel of your feed and determining whether or not you are worthy of a follow, people will read your bio and judge you hard. I know, I know. It sucks but that’s the way social can be sometimes. So, let’s make it work to your advantage, eh?

Your bio is the one and only opportunity to communicate who you are, what you offer, and why they should follow you. People want to know what value you can bring to their personal and/or professional lives. So, go ahead and tell them!

Just remember: You’ve only got 150 characters to set the stage, so be like the greats and keep your bio short, sweet, and informative. It’s all about those first impressions. 

Look up some targeted keywords that’ll appeal to, and reach, your ideal client. Use your one and only link strategically. Rather than link to your home page, consider a “link in bio” tool, so you can share more resources with your peeps.


Connect With Your Community 

This is something a lot of businesses and brands forget. You’re not just marketing a business on social media, you’re building a community. 

There is a social aspect of online social media. Get it, SOCIAL! And, when brands and businesses ignore this and treat it like another marketing tool, well –  you lose an enormous chance to personally connect with your target audience, and build trust. Trust me when I say you don’t want to lose out on any opportunity to really engage with your community. 

When your followers trust and believe in what you’re posting, they’re more likely to buy from you, recommend you to colleagues, and then share your content with all their pals, too! 

Overnight success isn’t often possible with social media, so don’t worry about scaling as quickly as possible. Instead build a strong foundation, and create an online social media presence that is relevant to your business, and connects with your target audience! 

Need some help? Check out my free Canva templates, Target Audience Guide, and Social Media Captions. If you find, you want more customized help, hop over here and tell me exactly what you need. 


Sharing is Caring!

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