Your Marketing Strategy and AI

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By now we’ve all heard about, or even tried out, Chat-GPT. I’ll be the first to admit it’s super cool (and perhaps a little frightening???). You can have a full blown conversation with it, have it write you a story on anything you like, or ask it to create all your content in the blink of an eye. 

Impressive stuff. 

While so many people are raving about the benefits of AI, with some even using Chat-GPT for all their marketing content, I feel like there are some pretty big drawbacks that aren’t being discussed. So, let’s dive in. 

AI Can’t Replace That Human Touch

Despite its advancements, AI cannot replace the human touch that is ESSENTIAL for effective marketing. While ChatGPT can generate text that appears of equal quality to anything you or I could write, it lacks the depth of emotional understanding we possess. 

Hopefully, we all know at this point that marketing is not solely about providing information; it’s about creating connections, and deeply understanding the emotions of your target audience. Your audience craves authentic content that resonates with their hopes, dreams, and fears. No matter how intelligent these AI bots get, they cannot replicate the empathy, intuition, and emotional intelligence the human mind brings to the table.

Your Brand is the Unique Soul of Your Business 

For most of us, our business is our baby. We’ve been there through every hardship, every midnight brainstorming session, and every single piece of content and marketing that we’ve dreamt up. We KNOW our brand and business inside out. The level of understanding of your business, and your audience, is not something an AI bot can understand. 

It won’t be able to create that content which speaks to the deepest, darkest, and most frustrating pain points of your target market. Without that spark, without that deep knowing and understanding of your business, your marketing will simply lack connection – and fall flat on its face. 

Everyone Will Sound The Same 

AI bots pull their information from the incomprehensibly immense collection of data that is the World Wide Web. Now, there’s a lot of good stuff out there, but if all the life coaching businesses in the world are asking it to write the same blog post…well, they’re all going to get slight variations of the same knock off content. 

Your marketing is supposed to make you STAND OUT from the crowd, not blend into one giant echo chamber. 

Sure, it’ll save you time creating content, but it will also mean you’ll sound like every other business plugging a basic request into Chat-GPT. And, it’ll cost you business as a result. 

Customers buy authentic connection, not mindless copycat content. 


 AI has undoubtedly transformed the way businesses approach marketing and customer interactions. But, is it really for the better? We’ve got to remember that AI CANNOT replace the human mind when it comes to driving emotional connections and building trust. So, while AI continues to sweep the globe, remember that you need more than just an AI bot for your content strategy – you need the messy emotional human touch. Sometimes, the messier, the better. 

If you’re feeling stuck on your content, reach out to the team at ECM today. There’s a way to establish connections that only you can create. Let’s help you get there.


Sharing is Caring!

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