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That’s right folks, I’m back at The Forum bringing you two sweet workshops that will help you pump up your business, and get you those sales!

Your New Marketing BFF: How To Use Google Analytics to To Drive More Website Traffic and Online Sales
May 18 – 11am PST/2pm EST

Ever wonder what all those reports are in Google Analytics…and, what they’re trying to tell you about your business’s performance? Acquisition. Engagement. Monetization. Demographics. Technology. Let’s dive into these reports together. 

Join us in this workshop and you’ll learn how to:

  1. Interpret the (sometimes confusing!) data in each of the reports on your dashboard
  2. Use the information you’ve gathered from each report and turn them into actionable marketing and sales strategies to get you seen, heard, and selling online
  3. Understand your target audience better so that you can develop a basic online marketing strategy that you can apply right away


Email Marketing: The OG of Digital Marketing
May 18 – 12:20pm PST/3:20pm EST

Remember those customers you wanted so much? They may not have said yes to you, but you still got something just as good from them: Their email. 

Ya know, not everyone is going to say yes to you right away. That’s just not how most people buy. Some customers want to try you before they buy you, so they look up your reviews, check out your social media, visit your website again and again…

So, maybe it’s time to woo them. Maybe you need to give them a little nudge in the right direction. It’s time for some email nurturing. 

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after this workshop:

  1. A plan for how to create an email list using an enticing, value-adding “Freebie” they won’t be able to say no to.
  2. A basic content strategy for how to nurture warm leads into loyal buyers.
  3. A game plan for how you can implement your first email nurturing campaign into the software of your choice using simple, customizable templates that I give you.
  4. Pro tips and best practices for how often you should send emails, what’s considered a good open rate, and how to structure your email to inspire more click throughs.
  5. A post-click strategy that makes it easy for your prospective customers to purchase.


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Sharing is Caring!

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