Instagram Collabs and Why You Need Them in Your Life

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If you haven’t tried this new Instagram feature yet, I’m here to tell you it’s the bee knees.

What is an Instagram Collab?

Let’s get right into it. An Instagram Collab is a new feature on Insta that lets you co-author posts and Reels. Meaning, you can invite someone (another Insta user) to collaborate on a piece of content that will show up on BOTH of your profiles. Neat, huh?

So, why is this such a big deal? It’s going to blow the door wide open for oodles of new consumers. If you weren’t a top contender in your ideal customer’s algorithm before, you might be now, all thanks to a collab.

With an Instagram Collab, you’re now getting exposure to brand new online communities and customer segments that you never had access to before!

That’s the what. Now here’s the how.

How to Collab

  • After uploading your post or reel find the “Tag People” option
  • Select “Invite Collaborator” in the bottom right corner
  • Search for and select the user you want to Collab with
  • Share your post and send your lil baby collab out into the world.

Your “collaboree” will receive an official Collab request in their DMs. The post will only be published after they Accept the request.

Two things to know before you rub The genie’s lamp:

  1. You can only add one collaborator per post
  2. You can’t add a collaborator retroactively (after publishing)

Why Should I Care?

Good question! Three reasons:

  1. You’ll be more discoverable.
    Collabs allow you to introduce yourself to brand new potential customers. They may not have been looking for you, and you may never have known where to find them, but fear not, you’re together now!
  2. You’ll get more engagement.
    It’s a game-changer and a win-win-win. Both Collab-ers will see more engagement, having tapped into each other’s audience pool. Higher engagement = better algorithm game for YOU.
  3. You’ll save some sweet time.
    Collabs simplify the whole process and save time. One post takes care of content for both parties. Excellent. Plus you’ll both get the metrics, notifications, and data resulting from the collaboration, so no more having to sheepishly request status updates.
    Brainstorming Session: Using Collabs for Your Business

The possibilities, they’re so enticing…

IRL business collaborations are happening all over the place, all the time. Digital businesses, however, are just getting started in this realm. Here are some great ways to leverage Instagram Collabs for your business.

Promote Yo’self

Your potential customers are starting to rely more and more on recommendations—especially recommendations from online influencers and content creators they admire and respect. Make nice with these digital celebrities. Pick the ones who regularly commune with your ideal demographic, and you’ll both benefit!

Launch a Product

Using Collabs to launch a product is a great way to hype your stuff and even cross-promote with other brands. More profiles, more exposure, more audience, more engagement, more love, more sales!


Why not host a giveaway? Freebies are irresistible, and they attract the crowd! They can provide undeniable value, showcase your brand, and (if you Collab with the right folks) legitimize and corroborate your products or services effortlessly. Get involved with an expert from your target customers’ interests and you’re golden.

Advocate About It: Support a Cause

Supporting a cause on Instagram is a meaningful way to humanize your brand, communicate your values, and raise awareness. Be sure to choose a cause that you and your audience both care about. It’s a win-win.
Use the Instagram Collabs feature to work with an expert, creator, or organization to bring more attention to the cause or topic you’re supporting.

Educational post? Check. Engaging two audiences? Check. Supporting a topic you care about? Check!
And that’s the scoop, kids.

Whether you co-host a giveaway or promote a new product, an Instagram Collabs post is bound to bring in double the engagement, double the enjoyment, and double the eyeballs.

So, wave hello to all the new faces. It’s your time to shine.

Need some help getting this off the ground? Drop me a line! Wanna do a collab with me? Even better! Be sure to reach out!


Sharing is Caring!

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