How Well Is Your Website Performing?

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Gain Marketable Insights On Your website or Magazine’s Performance Through Google Analytics

Workshop 2 – The Magazine association of BC

Ever wonder what all those reports are in Google Analytics…and, what they’re trying to tell you about your magazine’s performance? Acquisition. Engagement. Monetization. Demographics. Technology.

Let’s dive into these reports together.

Join us in this one-hour workshop and you’ll learn how to:

1. Interpret the (sometimes confusing!) data in each of the reports on your dashboard

2. Use the information you’ve gathered from each report and turn them into actionable strategies to get you seen, heard, and subscribed to

3. Understand your target audience better to develop a basic marketing strategy that you can apply right away

A short Q&A will follow the session.

Attendees will have the opportunity to register for one of three personal tutorial sessions April 18-20 if they require additional help or want to dive further into their analytics to learn more about their audience and what they can do to attract more subscribers (and advertisers!).

Register here!

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Sharing is Caring!

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